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  Student battle Groningen cargo bike capital of the wold  

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The municipality of Groningen wants to encourage the use of cargo bikes and light electric freight vehicles (LEFV). A cargo bike or LEFV can often replace a van in the city center on a one-to-one basis. This results in enormous gains for the use of space and quality of life in the city centre. 


But… if every entrepreneur in the city center buys a cargo bike or LEFV and parks it in the public space, the space problem will actually increase. It would be much more efficient if entrepreneurs (and residents) could use shared mobility. That is cheaper for entrepreneurs to use. And on balance, fewer cargo bikes are needed, which in turn is good for the use of space. But does this meet the wishes and requirements of the entrepreneurs? 


The municipality is asking student teams, in which students from MBO, HBO and WO are represented, to make a proposal for the future use of cargo bikes and LEFVs in the city center of Groningen. The battle is in full swing. Also see for more information. 

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