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Delivering more sustainably to the catering industry together.jpg

Delivering more sustainably to the catering industry together

Photo: Hive.Mobility

Interview with Ilke Bakir and Marjolein Aerts (Faculty of Economics & Business)

Associate Professor Ilke Bakir and Assistant Professor Marjolein Aerts-Veenstra of the university of Groningen were interviewed by Hive.mobility about their research to make inner cities more liveable. By no longer bringing deliveries 1-to-1 to the customer itself, but by bundling deliveries, customers receive different deliveries less often, fewer trucks drive in the city and there is a reduction in the number of kilometers driven. In a hub outside the zero-emission zone, the deliveries are bundled and brought to the customer by one final carrier. They also worked together with Bidfood, a wholesale food supplier for the food service market with approximately 25,000 customers in the Netherlands. 

Curious about their results? Read the interview on the website of Hive.Mobility.

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