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4. Aansprakelijkheid en

  Research project  

Liability and certification: what is and what is not regulated for sailing on hydrogen

Is hydrogen the fuel for the transport of the future? Municipal transport companies already use hydrogen buses and have developed a charging infrastructure. These investments and risks are just too high for many other companies. Can the hydrogen facilities of municipal transport companies act as a driver for its use in transport? We have investigated the legal barriers to the introduction of hydrogen in shipping. Broadly speaking, they sought answers to two questions: how is the certification of ships with a hydrogen propulsion (not) arranged and is there special liability if something goes wrong with such a ship. We also looked at how the government could deal (better) with these two questions. The investigation has been completed and an advisory report entitled: 'Legal investigation of hydrogen ships' has resulted. Look here(link to the report) for the report.


Faculty of Law, Port of Lauwersoog, New Generation Shipyards BV, New Energy Coalition, Province of Groningen, Qbuzz, OV Bureau Groningen Drenthe, Koopman Logistics, Wagenborg Passenger Services, Suikerunie, Nature and Environment



Aline Klingenberg, Rosalie Koolhoven

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