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  Research project  

Focus on infrastructural aspects in sharing initiatives    

Passenger transport and the freight transport network are currently two separate areas. Regulations make the integration of these flows difficult. Despite that, there are possibilities to share public transport hubs (mobility hubs) with transport services. An example of this are shared bicycles or shared electric cars that use mobility hubs as a parking space, transfer and/or charging location. Or bus stops that are used as locations for e-commerce collection lockers. By using a shared IT infrastructure, the various services can be offered as one integrated mobility service for consumers. But what are the effects of this kind of integrated mobility services on infrastructural developments? What is the added value of these mobility hubs in networks? What role can the government play? And how can residents be protected when it comes to privacy and rights? We are investigating this in SMiLES.


Faculty of Spatial Sciences, Public Transport Agency Groningen Drenthe, Qbuzz, Province of Groningen, Municipality of Groningen, Groningen Accessible



Taede Tillema and Jos Arts

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