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Open and connected logistics networks of shared mobility are the future. In these networks, vehicles, (transport) tasks, space or infrastructure, but also contracts, risks, rights or liabilities can be shared in order to operate more efficiently, effectively and sustainably. But what are the opportunities and barriers of open sharing networks? We are conducting research into this with research and educational institutions, companies, social organizations and the government. From an economic, technical, legal, ethical, psychological and practical perspective. We study which innovative business and organizational models we can design for efficient, effective and emission-free transport. We also look at the role of technology, human behavior and the ethical and legal boundaries. We carry out practical studies to gain new insights and test concepts in collaboration with affiliated companies. We call this a living lab; a place where science, practice and education come together.  

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Learning community

  Learning community  

Strengthening the connection between education and innovation 

Innovation and transition also require new education. What do we want to train our students for? What should students of the future be able to do and where will they work? Accelerating innovation requires a good connection between education and practice. In SMiLES, we are therefore building a learning community in which students from WO, HBO and MBO work together on practical problems. We will organize student battles in which we will investigate together with practical partners how we can bring the future closer and we will develop education that fits in with innovation.


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In SMiLES we want to create a place where knowledge and educational institutions, companies, government organizations, social partners, students and residents of the northern region work together on innovation. Doing this from the idea of co-creation and sharing. We therefore expect our partners to be actively involved in this process, to contribute their own initiatives and to maintain dialogue with each other. We facilitate this by meeting regularly, but also by organizing knowledge sessions, round tables, master classes, etc. Sharing knowledge and skills, that is the starting point of SMiLES. 



Are you looking for an internship or graduation place? And do you do anything in the field of mobility and logistics? Then Contact us. We will look at the possibilities. 

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